Security Education in School - Yay!

From the Seattle P/I this morning (

Microsoft awards grants to professors

Microsoft Research's University Relations Group has awarded 10 grants of $50,000 each to help university professors across the country create introductory courses related to what Microsoft calls "trustworthy computing" -- including security, reliability, privacy and related issues. Two of the universities, Cornell University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, will use the grants to begin incorporating more trustworthy computing elements broadly across their computer-science programs.

Microsoft says the goal is to improve the education of computer-science students in security and related areas. The 10 professors, along with graduate students, will be on the company's Redmond campus today to meet with Microsoft trustworthy computing specialists and executives. The program also will include a second year of grants of at least the same amount, seeking more specialized coursework.

I'm presenting to these guys today to outline some of the education we provide engineers.

This is goodness!! :)