I've moved to The Office Blog!

A quick hello to my loyal readers!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged here, and now I can say why. As of this week, my blog is officially moving over to The Office Blog platform at blogs.office.com. Moving there lets me integrate blogging into my regular work instead of only doing it in my "spare" time.

The new blog is simply called Microsoft OneNote and I'll be posting there regularly to keep you up-to-date on learning and using OneNote 2010. I'll also curate guest posts from the product team and other experts from time to time.

No matter how you use OneNote, I hope the new blog will become an indispensable resource for you. If you subscribe to the RSS feed on the new site, you won't miss a thing.

My sincere thanks to all of you who've lurked here these past couple of years, sent me lots of great feedback (I did read it all, even if I didn't always have time to reply), and commented in public. I really appreciate your readership and hope you'll follow me over to the new digs. (We're still finishing the new site, so pardon the dust here and there. We hope to have things polished and running smoothly within a week or so.)