New to OneNote? Get up to speed with a terminology primer

Microsoft Office Online columnist Annik Stahl (a.k.a. The Crabby Office Lady) is a big fan of OneNote. She is currently writing a series of columns to help demystify Office terminology so that end-users have an easier time understanding some of the names and terms that we've attached to Office features.

In her July column, Crabby demystifies OneNote terms, Annik is identifying and defining some of the names that we've given various OneNote features and interface elements. Internally, we deal with this terminology every day and we tend to take it for granted. In the real world, however, this sort of information can be very beneficial to new users. (For more on OneNote, see also Crabby sings the praises of OneNote 2007.)

When you're comfortable with the basic terminology in OneNote, check out Find your way around OneNote — a quick, visual tutorial that introduces other important OneNote 2007 interface elements and navigation features!