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Top tips for OneNote

Since the release of OneNote 2007 earlier this year, “Top Tips for OneNote 2007” has been one of our most popular articles on Office Online. Many of our readers have written to tell us that they like this easy-to-scan format, which lets them learn a few quick tips and tricks about OneNote that they might not have discovered on their own.

Without direct feedback from users like you, we might have never experimented with this format, as most of these tips don't warrant their own Help topic. So, whether you're happy (or unhappy) with the Help & How-to content for any of the programs in the Microsoft Office suite, be sure to talk to us and let us know what you think. Whenever you read an article on Office Online, take a free training course, download a template or some clip art, or view a demo, tell us what you like about it and how it helped you in your work, and let us know where and how we can improve the content. While our feedback system currently doesn't provide personal replies, my fellow writers and editors spend a lot of time reading your feedback and responding to it by improving our content on an ongoing basis.

To those of you who already frequently submit content feedback on Office Online, my thanks to you. And to those of you who have previously kept your thoughts to yourself, I'd like to invite you to share your feedback in the future. Feedback from Office users just like you is the #1 driving factor for ongoing content updates, corrections, and revisions that make our Help & How-to content throughout Office Online even more helpful and relevant in the future.

While the regular feedback system on Office Online is the best way to provide feedback about specific content for a particular program, let me extend an invitation to my readers here to participate in the next update to the “Top Tips for OneNote 2007” article. If you've got a great timesaver, a proven task shortcut, or an undocumented tip to share with other OneNote 2007 users, please post it here as a comment! Your best submissions may be included in the next version of this article, which means that many other (and future) OneNote users could benefit from your shared knowledge!