Architecture type definitions

Following on from the comments on my previous Blog I updated the architetcre types;

· What are the types of architect?

Whilst architects need all of the above skills the technical depth skills and experience level that they have make them fall into one of three main architectural categories:

1. Enterprise

Enterprise Architects work on the architecture of the whole organization, including business, technical, software, infrastructure, security etc. They are concerned in bringing together the organizations IT architectures (software, security, solutions and infrastructure) as a homogenous whole and matching it to the business needs and culture of the organization. There are three main strands to Enterprise architecture; strategic direction, Portfolio analysis for integration and Governance. Enterprise Architects provide strategic guidance to the solutions and infrastructure architects and have organizational wide funding.


2. Solution

Solution Architects work on the architecture of a specific project or solution, normally for a part of the business such as HR or Sales. Typically they architect the solution to a specific business problem and ensure that the architecture meets the business (cost, schedule, scalability, availability etc) and functional requirements. They take strategic direction from the Enterprise Architect, operational guidance from the Infrastructure Architect and funding from specific business groups.


3. Infrastructure

Infrastructure architects provide the architecture for any technology that is provided for the whole organization as opposed to technology for a specific business group. Typically they architect the infrastructure elements that every business group requires such as networks, storage, operating systems, security, mail etc and the architecture of the management solutions and processes for all IT systems. They take strategic direction from the Enterprise Architect, line of business project support from the Solution Architects and funded by the organization.