Software as Systemic Core

Developers/architects of software applications generally think of those applications as tools. Tools to be used by individuals, teams, and corporations in the achievement of their individual, team and corporate goals. 

Office is the classic example of a "transparent" software tool that any individual or enterprise can use singlely or multiply without the tool itself directly imposing any particular organizational structure or style on those employing it.

Even systemic tools such as ERP and CRM systems are planned and painstakingly imposed upon whole divisions rather than being the driving force for those divisions. Portal systems are agonizingly architected to mimic the organization of the corporation rather than to organize the corporation. Business Intelligence systems are built and rebuilt and then rebuilt again to aid decision making by the corporation rather than to decisively guide the corporation.

We haven't yet fully come to terms with the concept of software as the systemic core of an organization or corporation... but we will.

Just thinking.