KB2775511 deployment for the SCCM Admin

This week Microsoft rolled out a BIG hotfix (90 hotfixes) rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.  To better understand all the goodness it gives you check out the AskPFEPlat blog or go to the source of one of the guys who helped put it together, my fellow PFE Jeff Stokes.  It is being distributed as an enterprise hotfix and so I think it likely that a lot of you folks running SCCM to manage your enterprise might want to roll out this hotfix.  One big advantage that comes to mind is including it in your OSD image capture to cut down on patch install time for future deployments.   The trick is that “out of the box” you can’t deploy this.  It does not sync to WSUS and your SCCM software update point (SUP) automatically.  There are some simple steps you can take to get it there, however.

NOTE - As of 5/16 there is a new update rollup available in KB 3125574 .  This can also be deployed using steps similar to below.

  1. On your central site/CAS SUP open up the Windows Server Update Services admin console
    1. It is worth noteing that we see SCCM folks do more harm than good in the WSUS admin console, but this is one of those exception times you need to go in there.  Do so carefully.
  2. Go to updates and select Import Updates to launch a webpage to the Microsoft Update Catalog.
    1. image
  3. Search on 2775511 and then add all that you are interested in getting for your environment
    1. image
  4. Make sure the checkbox to import directly is selected then hit the import button.
    1. Another box will come up tracking the download and show success when completed
      1. image
  5. Verify that your SCCM site is set to sync "Updates" classification, becase that is what this is (as compared to "service packs" or "security updates").
  6. Once that download is complete you can sync SCCM and then you should see the updates in SCCM to deploy as you would any other update
    1. image
    2. image


3-14-13 update - Added links to AskPFEPlat and Jeff Stokes' blogs along with warning about using WSUS admin console

3-14-13 update #2 - added clarity about fix classification

5/18/16 - Update for kb3125574