So you think you can be me (a.k.a Job opening in PFE)?

I have all kinds of quotes running through my head today.  “To every season, turn, turn, turn” and “it’s so hard to say goodbye”.  I have come to another one of those points in life where I am making a good change, but I will miss what I leave behind.  I have made the choice to change my job at Microsoft.  To those who I have had the pleasure of working with in the past I regretfully say that I will no longer be a PFE that is available to assist you.  For those who only read this blog, I hope to continue providing you good insights and tricks.  I am taking on the role of a dedicated PFE, also called a dedicated support engineer or DSE.  For me the role is very similar to what I have done except I will be focused all year on only a handful of customers instead of a new customer every week with some repeat customers occasionally.  After almost 5 years it is time for me to do something a little different.

This takes me to the point of this post…, we need to replace me.  I think I’m hot stuff some times, but the reality is that many folks out there are just as smart or smarter than I am.  We need to hire an SCCM PFE to fill the void I’m leaving behind.  Anyone can apply, although I’ m not sure if the exact job posting is up yet it will be something like but based out of the Pacific Northwest, ideally Seattle but there is some flexibility.  However, if I have worked with you and know you I would be willing to answer any questions you might have about the PFE role and submit your resume with a personalized recommendation.  Send me a private message and your resume if you want to pursue a PFE job at Microsoft.

I small plug about the position.  I have been with Microsoft for over 14 years, with many managers and many teams.  I have worked in support, and I have worked in product development.  I have met all kinds of great people.  My PFE manager, Mark Edwards, has been one of the best managers around.  I have worked with him the entire time I have been a PFE and it has been a great relationship.  He holds you accountable to do the right thing, and he has your back when working through the political morass that can sometimes occur.  He is a great guy to work under and was a large reason of why I stayed a PFE for so long.  He and I had many talks about my career and he was very supportive in my change, even though he didn’t like losing me.  If you get to work for him, count yourself lucky.