What release was that in?

In the past I have seen blogs on version numbers matching to ConfigMgr release names and such and those have been handy for various things.  With our new release cadence I'm finding it hard to remember what feature is in a given release, however.  To that end I'm starting a table to look up and remind myself what came out when.  I decided I would share with the rest of the world while I was at it.

I split this up for released products and technical previews.  Tech previews of SCCM may have features that are changed in later releases or not in a full release if the feature is not considered to be ready.

As new production releases are put out I will age out the older tech preview information to keep the blog relevant.

Hopefully I will be able to keep this up-to-date for years to come.  If I missed some key thing you would like to see added please let me know.  The list of actual changes can be very big and I'm focusing only on the larger feature changes.  Details about many of these can be found through https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt757350.aspx.



Released Feature Changes:

1511 Pre-production client deployment
1511 Upgrade OS from upgrade package
1511 WinPE Peer Cache
1511 Windows 10 Servicing
1511 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app distribution
1511 New software center
1511 Deploy MSI through MDM
1511 Windows store browsing from Admin UI
1511 Detect Windows Update for Business clients
1511 WSUS cleanup task in ConfigMgr Admin UI
1511 Mac OS X support
1511 Integration with Microsoft Passport for Work
1511 On-premises Mobile Device Management
1511 In-console updates
1602 Monitor terms and conditions deployments
1602 iOS activation Lock
1602 Health Attestation
1602 Software center branding changes
1602 Client Online Status in Admin console
1602 Allow Intune devices access to Exchange on-premises
1602 Conditional Access for PCs
1602 Kiosk mode for Android KNOX  devices
1602 Manage Office 365 client updates
1602 Manage volume-purchases iOS apps
1602 iOS App Config policies
1602 Win 10 servicing improvements
1602 SQL Always-on support
1602 Support for in-place upgrade of ConfigMgr OS
1602 Sync Policy button in Software Center
1602 Auto creation of MS Office mobile apps for iOS and Android
1606 "site servicing status" node changed to "Updates and servicing"
1606 Consent required for Pre-release features
1606 OMS Connector
1606 Configurable client cache size
1606 Support for multiple MP
1606 Manage Windows store for business apps
1606 iOS volume purchased apps mangement improvements
1606 Improved software center user interface
1606 smart lock for android devices
1606 iOS activation lock
1606 Device categories
1606 SQL Always-on support
1606 Remote Control file transfer improved


Technical Preview Features:

Release Version Feature
1607 Custom end user dialogs
1607 Manage Duplicate hardware identifiers
1607 OMS Connector
1607 Win10 Edition upgrading
1608 Application requests from Software Center
1608 Asset Intelligence improvements
1608 New software indicators in Software Center
1608 Remote Control Keyboard translation


9/7/16 Update: It looks like the doc team might be doing a more official version of this at https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt595861.aspx.  If it looks to keep up then I will probably stop updating here.