Zune music backup

Last night I decided to tackle a minor, but annoying, problem in my household.  I have a Zune and I use my 10 credits every month to buy music that I like.  I don’t have physical media for these songs and perhaps I’m just old school, but I wanted physical copies of my music as a backup.  The secondary purpose was to be able to play the CDs in my car.  My 3rd purpose was to write the music not as a typical music CD but as data so I could fit more songs per CD.  My 4th purpose was to start building my powershell skills, which I’m lagging behind much of the world on developing.

When I purchase my music I have been adding it to a playlist, for tracking.  The physical files are in various directories and it was going to be a pain to track them all down to copy to the cd to burn.  Instead I decided it was time to brush up on my powershell some and wrote the script below one night.

You will notice there are some TODO items.  There are a few “fit and finish” pieces to handle, but the script functions as is.  I will be cleaning up my personal copy but I wanted to get this quickly posted for my friends who wanted to see it.

The script accesses a saved ZUNE playlist, finds all the files from that playlist, and copies them all to one single directory which you can then burn to CD.

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## Created by Michael Griswold on 8-16-11
##     Last updated: 8-17-11
## This script will parse the XMl from a Zune playlsit file (ZPL) and then copy each listed file to a specific
##   directory.  You can then burn to CD as native MP3 files for playback on MP3 aware CD systems.
##    Reminder: Run this to allow execution of this script on yoru PC:  set-executionpolicy remotesigned

# TODO: Add in ability to read in values from the command line.
[string]$ZPLFilepath="C:\Users\Mike\Music\Playlists\To Burn.zpl"

## Prompt for ZPL file, with full path
"ZPL file path is hard coded"
"Output directory is hardcoded (and must be pre-created) to c:\temp\ZPLOutput"

## Parse XML file
[System.Xml.XmlDocument] $xd = new-object System.Xml.XmlDocument

## Fetch the music files and paths
$nodelist = $xd.selectnodes("/smil/body/seq/media")
Write-Output $nodelist
# $nodelist | Get-Member | more

## Parse all the media tags to find the file name
foreach($mediaNode in $nodelist)
#         "Entering foreach"
#         $mediaNode | get-member | more
        Write-output $path
        ## copy the files to a final location
        Copy-Item $path $OutputPath

# TODO: Add validation on user inputs