Nicer TFS Msscci in VS2003

Recently I started testing new TFS Msscci Provider. Doing that, I discovered a few Visual Studio settings that I should turn on long time ago.

What is a little irritating while working in VS2003+TFS Msscci is that when doing checkout I’m prompted to provide comment. TFS does not have comments for checkouts so it’s ignored anyway. The other option which I can change there is lock type (in Advanced options) but I hardly ever do this. So “Tools->Options->Source Control->Display silent check out command in menus” was made for me. Please keep in mind that File->Source Control will still include non-silent checkout and that you can set global lock level in File->Options->Source Control->Scc Provider->Advanced. Unfortunately “Checkout on Edit” will still display checkout dialog.

The other handy option is “Display silent check in command in menus”. TFS allows you to provide much more information during the check-in, than just the comment (work items, checkin notes, override policy comments), so we display the TFS Check-in dialog anyway. The only time when you would like VS2003 check-in dialog to be displayed is when you want to select “Keep checked-out” option.

Enjoy J