Team Foundation Server Msscci Provider Beta2 is out!!

I can’t say how happy and proud I’m about this release. This is first product (well quasi product ;) which is released, which I partly created. We included a lot of new features, both functional and performance. You can expect that I will blog about it during the following weeks (until RTM J).

The most important features are:

  • VS 2003 and VFP9 support
  • A lot of amazing performance improvements
  • During checking in, you can associate work items and checking notes to the changeset
  • Richer History experience – each version of file can be queried for changeset details
  • Richer Diff experience – selected file can be compared to different files of different changesets (much like in Team Explorer)
  • Rich Resolve Experience – automerge and resolving multiple files is available

Please keep in mind, that because Msscci is standard, our provider may work in multiple different IDEs. However J different IDEs implement it in different way. So I make no promises about it.

Here you can download it, and here discuss it.