TFS Msscci Provider 2010 RTM

As you can read in Brian's blog (, we shipped RTM version of the TFS Msscci Provider (yay!). It is available here:

As Mario describes on the download page, we made a few nice improvements in this release. The biggest one was adding support for Sybase extension to the msscci interface- SccQueryInfoEx function. It decreases number of server calls PowerBuilder is doing, when loading project and allows it to avoid hitting some problems around white spaces and new lines added when generating files. You should also start seeing changeset numbers inside the IDE.

We also try to report situations when IDE is creating multiple workspace mappings. It's not necessarily always a bad thing but in a few situations it causes super hard to troubleshoot problems. The warning is displayed only during "Open from source control" so I hope it won't be too annoying. It just asks the user to validate workspace mappings in Team Explorer.