TreeDiff has arrived :)

As Brian has written in his blog yestarday, we have released new TFS Power Toys (download site). Of course I’m very proud that TFS Msscci provider started to be supported by CSS, but Msscci is not topic of the post :) One of the new powertoys is TreeDiff, a tool integrated both with tfpt command line tool (tfpt treediff) and with Visual Studio (“Compare…” command in context menu on the folder in Source Control Explorer). It allows user to compare both local and server directories (with and without recursion). It also includes all handy commands that user may need to call when the content of the directory is different, e.g. pending add, edit and delete, get latest, undo, diff on the single file and a few more. "Reconcile All" command let user to perform these operations on all changed files.

Your feedback is really valuable to us, because the most popular PowerToys will become official TFS feature in the coming releases. Please tell us what you think about them either in the blog comments or on the forum.

The unfortunate fact is that command line treediff fails when “Get Latest” is executed on file that does not exist locally. Here is workaround for this bug:

  • Start a VS command prompt

  • cd %DevEnvDir%

  • Copy PrivateAssemblies\Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Controls.dll "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server Power Toys"

  • (of course "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server Power Toys" is directory where tfpt.exe exists)

  • This is not an issue for VS integrated treediff

Update 09/19/2005

Another scenario when command line treediff is failing to load the assembly is comparing two local directories and calling diff tool on the selected files. To solve this issue please copy "Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.dll" in the way described above.