Version control only specific folders inside a website project (or: "TFS 2010 and DotNetNuke source control - How can I exclude folders/files from source control?")

Last week we had interesting problem described on the tfs forum: 

The problem:

How to version control only specific folders inside a website. Please keep in mind, we are ordinary user, not a project creator. We don't want to reimplement GetSccFiles :) We have c:\workspace\nuke website full of folders, but we want to version control only App_code and DesktopModules folders.


workspace mappings. The website will be still reporting some errors, but cloaking root of the website and mapping only specific folder allows us to get exactly what we wanted:

$/tp - c:\workspace

(Cloak) $/tp/nuke

$/tp/nuke/App_Code - c:\workspace\nuke\App_code

$/tp/nuke/DesktopModules - c:\workspace\nuke\DesktopModules