Microsoft <-> Google dictionary

If you know Microspeak, what about a small dictionary -

Microsoft speak Google speak Explanation
By design WAI (Working as intended) Bug status when the developer considers the behavior described in bug report correct
Approve LGTM / SGTM(looks or seems good to me) Signals approval of code review and other things
Review Perf Performance review - periodic employee performance evaluation
Objectives and Goals OKRs (Objective Key results) Things you plan to accomplish in the next performance review cycle
Autopilot Borg Datacenter management software
Live site Prod (from 'production') Customer visible service or web site, usually in context of support, monitoring, emergency response, capability planning etc
Ops (Operations) SRE(Site Reliability Engineer) People supporting live site / production service
DRI oncall Person handling any emergencies today, usually members of a team rotate this duty on schedule
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