Something I want to share you about beta version UWP exam

I have already taken the beta version of UWP development exams. They are:

70-354 Universal Windows Platform – App Architecture and UX/UI (beta)  70-355 Universal Windows Platform – App Data, Services, and Coding Patterns (beta)

Due to its very less information for prepare examinations, I want to share some key points about these two exams.


70-354 has 56 questions, 70-355 has 59 questions. Each exam has 3 case studies. Each case study has 6~7 questions.

The max time of taking each exam is 160 mins.

Key points of knowledge:

1. Services in Azure: Mobile Service, OneDrive, API Service

2. Data Binding: Binding path, DataContext, ItemsSource

3. Design Patterns: Dependency Injection, Singleton, Factory, Decorate,Observation

4. OOP: public, private, protected,internal

5.Controls: AppBar,Page,Frame,List control,Splash Screen,TextBox

6.Control Events: LostFocus,PointerExited,PointerMoved,PointerPressed,PointerReleased,Item_Selected,Item_SelectedChanged

7.Data Sync: pull/push data from/to Mobile Service

8.XAML: namespace,VisualStateManager and sub elements,Control Template,Data Template,MediaElement

9.Project structure: App.xaml.cs, package.manifest

10.Source Control: VSO,Git client, branch and merge strategy

11.Sign app or assembly: sn.exe makecert.exe, pfx

12..NET basic: assembly versioning,GAC,assembly binding

13.Security: Role-based security, full trust, PasswordVault, Credential class

14.Testing:Unit Test,Test Manager,Performance Wizard

15.Store: pricing strategy,App validate strategy

16.Background Task: IBackgroundTask,Triggers,Schedule Job(Mobile Service)

17.Notifications: Toast,Tile

18.Cortana: voice commands definition

19. Authentication: Azure AD integration

20. Ink: InkCanvas, How to detect pen device?

That's all my remembered. Enjoy your testing experience!