Halo Reach A Big Hit With Some Big Hitters

The preseason buzz on Halo Reach is building. Today, the Xbox team gave QB Mark Sanchez and some of his New York Jets teammates a chance to unwind from THEIR preseason by getting to grips with the new game. We'll let their reactions speak for themselves

Guys from Xbox are bringing over Halo: Reach. Can’t wait to tear it up with @nickmangold @officialBraylon and @DustinKeller81. #HaloReach

Just started playing Halo: Reach with the fellas...this game is SICK!! make sure you guys check it out when it hits Sept. 14th!!

thats my center. @nickmangold..good thing football is working out cuz, he is a little suspect on the Halo battlefi http://twitpic.com/2kvnr6

thats my center. @nickmangold..good thing football is working... on Twitpic

Brad Smith & @santonio10 getting in on some #HaloReach action. http://plixi.com/p/43047632

Is 25 kills in a 5min game good??? Did I break it? C'mon @santonio10, at least @nickmangold put up a fight haha #HaloReach

Had a blast w/ my teammates today playin Halo: Reach...it is my fav halo yet!! Can't wait to actually have my own c ... http://tmi.me/10zHy

Halo Reach is coming out on September 14th - you'll be able to find out then if you like it as much as they did.