Microsoft Welcomes the Boys & Girls Club to CES 2011

Here at CES 2011, I’m struck by how natural and intuitive technology is today.

The sound of your voice can cue a game to begin, and the touch of a finger can bring up Bing on a Windows 7 PC. Microsoft is turning science fiction into science fact, something that’s amazing to an adult like me.

We brought a group of kids to our booth from local chapters of the Boys & Girls Club of America, and I’m inspired by the ease with which they used their voices, gestures and touch to interact with technology.

They were amazed by what they could do with their fingertips on Surface to play a game, and the power of their bodies to act as a video game controller for Kinect for Xbox 360. It appeared as though they had been using these products forever, though. It just made sense to them.

As these kids get older, they’ll expect computers to act and react just like us, responding to the same things we see, hear and sense. Advances in technology are easier to use than ever, whatever your age. Take a look at this video to see more about their experiences in our booth.


Posted by Steve Clayton
Microsoft Storyteller