Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Brings Affordable Computing to Classrooms Everywhere

We’re happy today to announce the global launch of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, available for purchase by schools and educational institutions around the world.   

We‘re seeing quite a bit of enthusiasm from our customers and partners around the world (you can watch some of them in the video below) for Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, a new Windows product that increases access to affordable computing in educational scenarios like classrooms, labs and libraries by allowing multiple users to simultaneously share one computer.   

From Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to right here in our own backyard at the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, teachers and education administrators everywhere are learning how easy it can be to use MultiPoint Server.   Educators in Louisville, Kentucky are using the solution with little to no help from the IT department; the Alvarado School District in Texas is enjoying the value of less noise and heat generated by fewer PCs and more user stations—the range of classroom benefits is impressive.

It is hardly a secret that access to technology provides kids better learning opportunities and helps builds skills necessary for future employment.  We’ve heard consistently from educators around the world that they want technology tools that can help increase the quality and variety of their curriculum and prepare their students for success in the real world.

Globally, IT budgets are strained and there aren’t enough computers to reach every child.  We see a promising solution to this challenge in an emerging category of computing technology called Shared Resource Computing.   Shared Resource Computing lets you tap into a computer’s excess capability to let a single computer support multiple users at the same time.   Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is a perfect fit for classrooms, labs, and libraries that are looking to stretch their technology investments.

To meet the clear need we saw in the market for an affordable, trusted and reliable Shared Resource Computing solution, we developed a family of technologies—our MultiPoint solutions—which provide policymakers, teachers, and students affordable access to educational technology.   Since the opportunity in this area is so strong, we’re also working to create a strong global ecosystem of hardware companies (partners like HP, DisplayLink, NComputing, ThinGlobal, Tritton, and Wyse) to give global customers more options for using Windows MultiPoint solutions.  

We’re looking forward to seeing how classrooms around the world start innovating and transforming the learning environment in creative ways using Windows MultiPoint Server.  If you’d like to learn more, just check out our Newsroom at the Microsoft News Center, a demo video of the solution being set up in a classroom, and much more at the Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 website.


Ira Snyder

General Manager, Windows MultiPoint Solutions