Migrating Content Between SharePoint Online Site Collections

 Hi All,

Lets say you have stored documents and information in a SharePoint Online site. And now you create another Office 365 account and want to migrate content to the new SharePoint Online site Collection.

One of the methods is to save the first SharePoint online Site as a template and use it in the new account. Afterthat copy and move the content between these sites by mapping the site to a network location.

Migrating Content Between SharePoint Online Site Collections

1.       Adding a network location for the SharePoint Online Site Collection

2.       Go to My Computer-> Right Click and choose the option of Adding a network location.




3.       Provide the Site Collection URL for the source site


 You need to provide the Online Services Credentials to log into the site and then add the site as a network location


4.       Opened the Site Collection in Windows Explorer


5.        Save the root site https://himansh.sharepoint .com/sites/source1 as template

a.       Go to Site Actions->Site Settings

b.      Under Site Actions menu, go to Save site as Template



6.       Create the target site in the new SharePoint Online Account using Custom template option




7.       Now upload the saved Site Template in the Solution Gallery of the new Site Collection and activate it.


8.       Choose the Saved template in the Custom option


9.       Choose the SharePoint Groups for the permissions.


10.   Created the site using the saved template successfully.


11.   Map the new site https://v2365.sharepoint.com/sites/target1/SitePages/Home.aspx  to network location

12.   Copy the content from the original site’s list folder into the new list.

Mapped folders: