Bill Gates and Education: What are people saying?

After spending last week speaking with world leaders at the G20 Summit, Bill Gates kicked off this week by speaking with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria about education reform. We thought we’d check in with the Social Analytics Engagement Client to see how people are currently talking about Bill's views on education.

Starting with the most active conversations

Jumping into the stream of real-time content can be overwhelming, so we decided to start viewing the most active conversations using an Analytics Column for the “Bill Gates and Education” filter. This gives us a view of conversations with the most replies and retweets over the past 24 hours.

@FareedZakaria’s tweet about improving teacher quality looks like it struck a nerve because there are 87 replies, so we decided to drill into that conversation by clicking on the .

Browsing through the retweets and replies shows a wide variety of opinions on how to improve education, here’s a sample of what we found:


Jumping into the Real-time Stream

After spending some time scrolling through the conversation that @FareedZakaria started, we decided to see what’s trending right now by creating a new Filter Column for the “Bill Gates and Education” filter. This column is sorted chronologically, so we see the most recent posts first, rather than the most active conversations. This view shows us that the How Bill Gates throws his money around in education post from Washington Post’s education blog is getting a fair amount of pass-along via Twitter:


This is just one example of how the Microsoft Codename “Social Analytics” Engagement Client can be used to see who is saying what about a particular topic. If you want to try it for yourself, we have set up filters for the following subtopics for Bill Gates:

  • Bill Gates and Education
  • Bill Gates and Malaria
  • Bill Gates and Technology
  • Bill Gates and Microsoft

If you are looking for more information on using the Engagement Client, be sure to read Boo! Little Surprises in the Engagement Client, then dig in and let us know what you find in our forum.