Welcome to the Microsoft Switzerland Co-Working Space and Smart Building

The first floor at our Wallisellen office has been transformed into an inspirational meeting space for our partners, customers, start-ups and employees.

At the same time, it is also a showcase for technological innovation, created in cooperation with the smart building development team at Microsoft in Redmond and with the local partners Trivadis and Setza.

You can watch our showcase video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZISL3jJGIKw

As a Microsoft partner, customer or related start-up you can benefit from this great offering for free. To get started, download the mobile app for Windows, Android, iOS and sign up for an account: https://aka.ms/coworkapp


Sign up for our co-working space, select available time slots to make reservations, check in at the front desk using face detection technology based on Microsoft Cognitive Services Face API and choose if you want to publicly share your interests and profile, while you are on site with other co-workers.

Upon signing up, you can select from a list of sponsors to vet you as having a relation to Microsoft. If you don’t know any of the sponsors, you may select the Microsoft reception as a sponsor. After being vetted, you will receive an initial number of Tokens which you can use to make reservations for co-working.

Smart Building is a pilot project created in collaboration with the Microsoft Smart Building team in Redmond.


It uses internet-connected sensors and devices to provide real-time information and interaction with the building. The project is based on our IoT Technology. It allows Microsoft employees to instantly book an unoccupied meeting room that has no active meeting reservation. Make sure to get a personal demo of the solution while co-working in our offices.

Roomz Smart panels by Setza, which are also connected to Microsoft Office 365 provide up-to-date information on availability at select rooms on the first floor in Wallisellen.