Release of Microsoft Dynamics Snap sample applications for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

We are happy to announce the availability of new Microsoft Dynamics Snap sample applications for use with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.


These samples show the potential of integrating the 2007 Microsoft® Office system with Microsoft Dynamics® AX by providing functioning end-to-end capabilities in source code form. Partners and customers can build on these samples and use the techniques they employ to build solutions that access the data and processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX from the productivity and collaboration tools of the Microsoft Office system. Two snap applications are now available with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009:


Business Data Lookup: This Microsoft Dynamics Snap application allows an information worker to search for and insert Microsoft Dynamics AX data into a Microsoft Office Word document, Excel spreadsheet or Outlook email, all without ever having to leave the Microsoft Office interface. The document or spreadsheet that is created can also be attached to the Microsoft Dynamics AX record for later reference. This is an update of the prior version of Business Data Lookup that is available for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0


Expense Entry: This Microsoft Dynamics Snap application enables users to fill out expense reports while disconnected from the corporate network by using Microsoft Office Excel. Mobile professionals can use this Microsoft Dynamics Snap application to record expenses as they are incurred while they have downtime on airplanes or other places where they may not have access to the corporate network. Then, when connected again, they can submit the expense for approval and reimbursement.


We invite you to download the source code and try these applications out for yourself by visiting codeplex, Microsoft’s open source community site at Codeplex.