Education Category for Windows Phone - "Mango"


Microsoft just launched an education category in the Windows Phone Marketplace and this is the right time to either develop a Windows Phone app for education or to update your current Windows Phone app to take advantage of key capabilities in the upcoming Windows Phone “Mango” release.

You can check out the education category today on the updated version of Zune Apps Marketplace and, depending on your mobile carrier, you’ll soon be able to download from the education category directly from your Windows Phone.

There are education apps for everything from learning foreign languages to mastering fractions, but as students use their phones now for learning on the go, we need even more high quality education apps to truly make mobile learning a reality for students and educators.

Create and/or Update your Apps Now for Windows Phone “Mango”

In Windows Phone “Mango,” we've made a lot of changes, all based on our prime directive of delivering outstanding end users experiences, and making it easier for _you_ to deliver outstanding end user experiences.

Please download the latest Windows Phone SDK beta, make your application, test your application, and submit it for “Mango.”

We've published the details of our new execution model in Mango in the MSDN Library, and we've also published a useful 10 minute video walk through detailing how to leverage these concepts in your code, here.

And there's more...

See the Windows Phone Developer Blog for detail on all of our available online resources about executing on Mango features today in your Windows Phone applications.

Opportunities to shine

As we drive towards the launch of Windows Phone Mango, we're looking for apps that showcase the new features of Mango; we'd love to be able to feature your work, both online, and on stage. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in this opportunity.