Live@Edu support for accessibility

I've been fielding lots of questions on accessibility lately. In short, pick Live@Edu and Office 365 for Education to provide an accessable collaboration solution and limit litigation risk.


For more than 20 years, Microsoft has been investing in platform technologies and product features that empower hundreds of millions of people around the world to enter the workforce, stay connected with friends and family, shop online, engage in social networks, and – in general – fully participate in today’s digital lifestyle.

As a company, through our technology investments, we have fostered the growth of a broad and rich ecosystem of 3rd party products – more than 300 specialized accessible technology products are in the market today built on

In 1997, Bill Gates announced a galvanizing shift (similar to the origination of TwC) that created the company’s first fulltime accessibility engineering resources and named the company’s first Director of Accessibility. Today, we have hundreds of people across the company in a variety of roles contributing to this important set of investments. We have the world’s most powerful and accessible platform technologies and the industry’s only ecosystem of Assistive Technology products.