New! Desktop Virtualization Webcast for Your School


New! Desktop Virtualization Webcast for Your School


Hosted by Microsoft and Quest Software

can take many forms and can be used to enhance many functions. During this webcast, we will focus on the virtualization technologies that directly address the desktop experience. With the demands for using new and legacy applications, users are needing anytime access to their applications and data on a growing set of devices including laptops, mobile devices, and home PCs.  To meet this demand, IT must select the technologies and usage models which will deliver the best user experience and be secure and supportable.

During this session, Microsoft and Quest Software will highlight and demonstrate their technologies that comprise a solution for delivering a virtualized desktop experience and discuss how these technologies are currently being combined and deployed throughout organizations today.  The session will also include an overview of the considerations that one should review when selecting a desktop virtualization solution.

This online experience is a great opportunity to learn more about virtualization without leaving the comfort of your own office.



Craig Schukar, Corporate Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Patrick Rouse, Solutions Architect, Quest Software


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December 7th - 11am - 12
pm Pacific Time