Are you planning to Deploy Office 2007? If so, you'll want to check this out.

There is a new WebCast available on titled, Deploying the 2007 Microsoft Office system in an enterprise computing environment. Eric Ellis is the presenter. He is a Support Escalation Engineer on my team. Eric spent the bulk of the last year and a half working directly with the product development teams on the area of Office setup and deployment. He has a ton of expertise in this area and is an excellent speaker. Although towards the end of the presentation you'll notice his voice fading just a bit, because he has been fighting off a cold.

The WebCast covers best practices and techniques used to deploy Microsoft Office in an enterprise environment. You'll learn about the changes that have taken place in Microsoft Office 2007 over previous version, as well as learn about utilities and methods used to customize and simplify the deployment of Office 2007.

Even though the WebCast is targeted at Enterprise customers, even customers that are smaller in scale can benefit from the contents of the WebCast.

Kudos to Eric for doing a great job.


Check out for a listing of all the WebCast coming in the next couple of months.