Audio - Video - OCR searches in OneNote !

So many people have stopped me recently to discuss these features. What an amazing search ability, especially in an audio recording. Here's the steps if you want to play along:

Record Audio and Video ClipsWith your computer’s internal microphone or an external microphone attached to your computer, or a webcam or its equivalent, you can record audio and video clips using OneNote. The audio will be linked to your typed or digitally handwritten notes, so you can easily jump to specific points in the recordings by clicking the relevant typed notes.

To record audio or video clips:

1.     Attach the recording device to your computer (not necessary if using the internal microphone on your computer).

2.     Click the page on which you want to create the recording.

3.     On the Insert menu, click Audio Recording or Video Recording.

4.     Start and stop the recording using the Audio and Video Recording toolbar.

5.     To play back the recording, double-click the Microsoft Windows Media® iconon the page where you made the recording. You can skip to certain points in the recording by clicking a word in your linked text notes, and then clicking Play in the margin.

Search for Spoken Words in Audio and Video Recordings

In addition to finding keywords within text and digital handwriting, Office OneNote 2007 is capable of finding spoken words in audio and video recordings taken in OneNote. For successful searches, the recording quality must be high and the background noise low.*

To find spoken words in audio and video recordings:
      1. Enter a keyword in the Find box  just as you would when searching for text.

2.     Click a result in the Audio Search Results box, and the recording will play at the point the spoken word occurs.

NOTE: By default, the audio search capability is turned off in order to maximize system resources. To turn it on: On the Tools menu, click Options, then click Audio and Video, and then select Enable searching audio and video recordings for words.

*To change the sensitivity of the audio search, click the arrow next to the drop-down box at the bottom of the search page list labeled: “Show hits that match with confidence above:” and select a number.

Find Text in Images or Printed Documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Search

To expand your search results even further, Office OneNote 2007 can find text within scanned images and imported graphics and file printouts.

To find text within an image:

1.     Type a keyword term into the Find box.

2.     Access search results by clicking them in the Search Results box.


·          Include the word “Near” when searching for multiple keywords in order to find only the pages where your search terms occur in the same paragraph.

·          To view a summary of all of your note tags: Open the task pane (CTRL+F1), and then click Note Tags Summary from the menu. Click a tagged note in the task pane to go directly to the note.

·          Create a summary page of all your note tags by clicking Create Summary Page on the Note Tags Summary task page.