Here i come

My name is Pranav Wagh..I work for VSOD (what ? you don't like acronyms? me too.. ), So its "Visual Studio Office Developer Support".

The goal of our team is to provide developer technical support and resolve customer issues involving automation, extensibility, integration and development with the Microsoft Office family of products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, MapPoint, Project and Publisher using Visual Studio or Visual Studio .NET (VB, C#, C/C++/ATL, MFC, ASP/Scripting), InfoPath and Visual Studio Tools for Office.

I am also added (selected?) as a author on this blog. (Here comes the shameless author plug :) ) You may have visited my blog if you are into Office Development.

So the first thing that i intend to do on this blog is, revamping the UI... so, bye... lets get back to work !

I am sorry if you see some strange UI while I am doing my modification... Please bear with me.