Seeking your feedback: Do customers use localized versions of the grammar checker ?

The natural languages group (NLG) is seeking feedback about localized versions of the grammar checkers (GC). These are the grammar checkers that have the grammar rule explanations in a different language then the install language.

Going forward, they are working on better tools for non-native speakers.

From one of the Program Managers

The localized version has the brief explanations localized in a different language than the one from the GC itself.

Imagine that you want to write in German, you use the German grammar checker, and it flags and suggests some corrections… instead of having the information in German, you would have it in English.

The problems are that the GC is not targeting non native speakers so the explanations are not necessarily improving the user experience. In addition, if they write in a language with enough skills to use the GC, they should be able to read the explanations in that language as well.


Any feedback from the viewing audience ?