Steadystate, Linspire, and Betas (You can find it all here even the kitchen sink )

Have you heard of SteadyState?

Windows SteadyState Handbook

You can reference the Windows SteadyState Handbook for step-by-step instructions about how to install and set up SteadyState, create and customize user profiles, establish global computer settings and restrictions, and use other features and capabilities of SteadyState (such as Windows Disk Protection). For network administrators or administrators of multiple computers, more advanced technical information is included to help configure and administer SteadyState on multiple computers running Microsoft Windows XP. See also: The Windows SteadyState Technical FAQ


Microsoft and Linspire Collaboration Promotes Interoperability and Customer Choice

Microsoft Corp. and Linux desktop provider Linspire Inc. announced a broad interoperability, technical collaboration that also includes intellectual property assurances. The agreement promotes customer choice and strengthens the bridge between the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Through this agreement, the companies will work to advance office document compatibility, enhance instant messaging interoperability and reinforce existing collaboration on digital media. In addition, Linspire will be providing its customers with the option of acquiring a patent covenant from Microsoft for customers operating the Linspire desktop.

Windows Live Betas Available for a Test Drive
Go to this page to see a list of available Windows Live Services beta versions as released for evaluation and testing. Here are a few examples of betas available as of July 1st, 2007:

· Windows Live Academic Search

· Windows Live Product Search Beta - Discover, compare, and decide.