Mobile for development in Africa

By Fernando de Sousa, General Manager of Africa Initiatives at Microsoft

Africa is home to some of the fastest growing mobile phone penetration rates in the world. With a liberalized telecommunications sector and increasing service affordability, mobile penetration in sub-Saharan Africa alone has increased 44% since 2000, according to the GSM Association (GSMA). As a result, a great deal of Africa’s technology innovation today is taking place on mobile platforms. Although some infrastructural gaps remain, Africans are mobile-savvy and are eager to use the best quality devices. At the same time, Africa is becoming a net producer of technology and already under our 4Afrika banner, we have seen over 100 Windows Phone apps being created per month across the continent.

Last month, I was invited speak at the GSMA’s Mobile for Development conference in Cape Town. This topic of mobile for development in Africa is of particular interest to me and in line with the goals of our 4Afrika Initiative. My message: An affordable phone alone is not enough. We believe that the focus should be on providing Africans with affordable and reliable access to applications or services that enable them to trade, to learn and to grow their businesses in ways that result in economic growth and ultimately a better quality of life.

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