Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step, 8th Edition: Suggested fix for using the projects


We always appreciate hearing from our readers through the blog, Amazon, and book surveys. We can discover issues and try to fix them as quickly as possible. Thanks to author John Sharp for being so responsive and figuring out how to replicate the errors and come up with a solution.

As some readers have suggested, many of the projects will not open when using VS 2015 Community Edition unless you have also installed the Universal Windows Platform Tools and Windows 10 SDK. This is mentioned on page xxiii of the book, although when the author wrote the material it was simply called the Windows 10 Developer Tools.

Some of you might have installed these tools from the Control Panel. However, the author suggests that you try to install these tools directly from within Visual Studio as follows. We hope this helps those of you who are having some issues with the book projects.

1. When you load a project that is marked as unavailable, right-click the project in solution explorer and then click Install Missing Features(s)

Step 1

2. In the Install Missing Features dialog box, click Install

Step 2

3. Close Visual Studio when prompted by the wizard.

4. Follow the steps in the wizard – it is probably best to install all features

Step 3       Step 4

5. Wait while the install runs – this may take a few minutes.

6. Restart Visual Studio, load the project, and rebuild it. This action will download any additional packages required from NuGet that are not already available on your setup.