Sample chapter: Deploy Your First Active Directory Forest and Domain

In this chapter from Deploying and Managing Active Directory with Windows PowerShell: Tools for cloud-based and hybrid environments, Charlie Russel covers how to create a new Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) forest where one has never existed before. This is, in some ways, the easiest task you're likely to face, but it's also one where getting it right is really important. The decisions you make here will affect the entire organization for the life of this deployment.

Active Directory Windows PowerShell nouns used in this chapter:

  • ADDSDomainController
  • ADDSForestInstallation
  • ADDSForest
  • ADRootDSE
  • ADObject

Other Windows PowerShell commands used in this chapter:

  • Get-NetAdapter
  • Get-Member
  • Set-NetIPAddress
  • New-NetIPAddress
  • Set-DnsClientServerAddress
  • Get-NetIPAddress
  • Rename-Computer
  • Install-WindowsFeature
  • Get-Command
  • Format-Table
  • Update-Help
  • ConvertTo-SecureString

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