Civil Service Live 2014 – How to keep the inspiration alive now that the show is over

It’s hard to believe Civil Service Live 2014 is really over. All those speeches and pledges and catch-ups over coffee are just a blur in the rear-view mirror now. But hang on – the conference might be over, but the journey is just beginning. Innovation, collaboration and flexibility are just as important today as they were at the start of Civil Service Live. The only question is, what are you going to do to keep those values alive, now that you’re back in the office?

Sharing your experiences with colleagues who couldn’t attend the show is a great start. Did you sign a Civil Service Live pledge to expand your digital skills? Get started by joining your internal Yammer network, where you can get access to the presentations or talk to colleagues about your ideas or experiences from Civil Service Live. 

Perhaps you were inspired by Dave Coplin’s keynote speech about reimagining how public sector offices work. Why not share Coplin’s passion with your co-workers? This short video distils the core of his first book into a handful of minutes – and digital version of both his book are available for free.

Did you watch some of the sessions on cloud tools and make a note to yourself to follow up when you got back to the office? Cement your expertise with this handy (and free!) guide to cloud tools, learn about Microsoft Azure and Office 365 being granted OFFICIAL accreditation and even check out a free trial of both services.

Or maybe you had the good fortune to catch one of Microsoft’s tours of a day in the life of the modern civil servant. That little talk managed to pack a lot of information in a short span of time. If you need a refresher or want to share the experience with others, then this blog series on working flexibly from home, on trains, at hot desks, in meetings and even in fields is a great resource.

What was your favourite moment of Civil Service Live? How are you working to keep that inspiration alive in your day to day work?