Health tablets that raise the pulse – Windows 8 helping cut the total cost of ownership

There is no doubt that Windows 8 is the new kid on the block as far as operating systems are concerned. It’s still in its infancy and, as a result, people are just beginning to realise its vast potential.

Dell are one of those companies who are currently producing a selection of great devices to run Windows 8. In fact, they are so proud of this combination of Windows 8 and their new Latitude 10 tablet, that they commissioned U.S.-based studies to pit their device against the iPad. It seems very few side-by-side comparisons have been done between Windows 8 tablets and iPads so far.

Dell’s claim is that their Latitude 10 tablet has a total cost of ownership for three years which will be 59% lower than that of the iPad. Best of all, the studies seems to back this up as well as uncover additional enterprise strengths. Unlike the iPad, Enterprise requirements have been front of mind when developing this new Windows 8 and Dell product.

The Harris online study was conducted across healthcare, education and enterprise deployments – rigorous testing environments which would surely put any device through its paces.

The results show that tablets are increasingly becoming a standard IT device (51 per cent of the studied healthcare organisations have deployed them). According to further testing by Principled Technologies, when compared to the iPad, the Latitude 10 tablets is:

  • Up to 85 per cent cheaper per device to maintain over a three-year period.
  • Up to 17 times faster and 94 per cent less expensive to deploy – saving approximately 580 hours in system prep and application installation.
  • Up to 99 per cent faster for software updates, saving approximately 197 hours with automated updates.

It is clear - Windows 8 tablets, such as the Latitude 10, are becoming more and more able to overcome challenges of deployment across large organisations. These challenges are set to stay challenging but great new Windows 8 products will continue to be developed to rise to meet them.

The range of Windows 8 devices

Of course, we couldn’t go without mentioning all the other great devices which run Windows 8 (including our very own fantastic Surface Pro device) – just check out our special webpage here to take a look.

Total cost of ownership calculator

If you’re thinking of deploying Windows 8 tablets in your organisation, how do you easily go about calculating the total cost of ownership? We have a great tool that can help…

The total cost of ownership calculator is a handy download which can help evaluate your total product costs (and indirect costs) per year, and to create an annual cost comparison.

by Howard
Content and Communities Manager, Microsoft in Health.