Inspire your IT pros at our new, free creative space!

During this current period of huge change and added financial pressures, you'd be forgiven for thinking that organisations are in a growth lock down. But, as many of us know, this adversity has seemed to fuel a fresh wave of IT innovation - fuelled by elements such as the cloud and social media. Really what we are experiencing is not a mass-shrinking of organisations but a re-adjustment.

IT pros are, perhaps more than ever, being called upon to lead this innovation. Gone are the days when IT staff might have thought life was pretty sedentary - now a well-skilled IT pro can be the master of your organisations destiny to some extent. Development, inspiration and innovation are their meat and drink.

To help power this innovation, we have opened up a new creative space in London - Modern Jago. This is Microsoft’s new space in Shoreditch, where creative minds can come together to collaborate, learn, play and be inspired by the craft and passion of others. The space is free to use for co-working, workshops, talks, exhibitions, meet-ups and more. The meeting rooms in your workplace are probably pretty nice - with big screens, air conditioning and soft seating, but Modern Jago offers something quite different.

Inspiration moves in mysterious ways - James Dyson, the man who pioneered the "bagless" vacuum cleaner, says he stumbled across the idea while renovating his country house in the Cotswolds. We're not asking you to clean Modern Jago while you're there (though we wouldn't stop you!) but use the place as you will. Whether it be to skill up your workforce or to give your IT pros somewhere to experiment. Who knows, it could lead to the breakthrough your organisation might need?

Our colleagues at Modern Jago can help in lots of ways - we can help bring in some of our extensive network of partners - whether it be just for catering through to skilled developers. We're there to help you make your ideas become reality.

Modern Jago is so good, even Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer visited recently...

To find out more about Modern Jago and to book, please take a look at the website.

There are also tons of events taking place at Modern Jago - from development camps to workshops and talks.

We hope you and your staff enjoy your time at our new flagship creative space.

By Howard

Content and Communities Manager, Microsoft Public Sector and Enterprise.