Microsoft in leading pack for self-service BI vendors

Hello, just a quick post today to bring you some recent news from the world of business intelligence (BI).

Research company Forrester published a report earlier this summer which has placed Microsoft amongst the leading pack for self-service BI vendors. This is due to the 'breadth of our self-service BI functionality offerings'. Excellent news indeed!

At the heart of this success is the fact that Microsoft have built on our wide SQL Server-based functionality - which already includes integration, reporting and analysis services. The cost and benefit ratios for the SQL Server package were also sighted as being a major benefit compared to other leading vendors.

To find out more about Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 platform, please go to our dedicated SQL Server 2012 website. Plus we have further info, downloads and news about SQL Server 2012 on our TechNet webpages.

If you are already a client of Forrester, you can read more about this report via the Forrester website.

Posted by Howard.