Social enterprise changing the face of internal communications

Organisations have come a long way in the last few years from a social enterprise perspective though many are still scattered across the spectrum when it comes to internal communications.

It’s quite common for companies to have excellent external social engagement, while internally, they may still rely on ‘old fashioned’ newsletters or creating huge email conversations – filling inboxes.

However, one organisation have taken the bull by the horns. A year ago Northwards Housing introduced Yammer to their staff – revolutionising the face of their internal comms.

Northwards Housing are a not-for-profit company managing City Council homes in North Manchester. Their intranet was “out-dated” and chose Yammer due to its excellent reputation to bring staff together and nurture collaboration.

At first staff were wary of this new platform but they soon warmed to the idea – now, in the last six months, 75% of all our employees actively engage via Yammer. Even Executive Directors are in on the act – actively posting content, joining in on discussions and answering queries.

But let’s let Northward Housing do the talking – they’ve got a great blog post all about it here .

by Howard
Content and Communities Manager, Microsoft Enterprise.