The head office of tomorrow? ...It doesn't exist.

Sights like this are in the past for tech companiesFor many years tech companies have been somewhat synonymous with rather drab, unimaginative offices that seem to hark back to some 1970s/80s heyday. This is no longer the case of course - Microsoft, Apple and Google all lead the way in futuristic building design. But ask many tech company employees where their head office is and a growing number will struggle to name it. Not because they're clueless but because what we perceive as the 'headquarters' is slowly merging into the network of satellite offices. It is becoming common for senior staff to be based out of local offices for long periods at a time in a perfect example of the 'anywhere working' ethos.

Social media, cloud, mobile, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), big data - they're all part of the revolution (otherwise known as 'Work 2.0'). In this new 'Work 2.0' world, the large company campuses are slowly becoming a thing of the past as employees increasingly mobile. Perhaps this is a good thing in the UK - a country with limited space? 

At a recent 'business reimagined' (#bizreimagined) event in London, it was clear how new technology and deep social changes drive new ways of working to give companies a chance to reimagine how business is done. From your desk and device of the future, to how your organisation is structure - change is everywhere. It's now merely down to which companies adopt quickly and those who don't. This is a fast-moving revolution and the survivors will be the ones who embrace new methods quickly.

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Twitter forum - coming soon!
Will the Enterprise datacentre be a victim of advancing technology too? Is the switch to the cloud inevitable? This month, we will setting top Microsoft datacentre authorities loose on our @microsoftENTuk Twitter account to answer questions about the future of the Enterprise datacentre. Please feel free to join the debate via the new #microlunch hash tag at 12pm to 1pm on 27th February.

Posted by Howard
Content and Communities Manager, Microsoft UK Enterprise