The opportunity to work on the move as if you were at your desk


“Work is what you do, not where you go”. Organisations require devices that empower their employees and offer same connectivity and productivity as a desk position.

Sport Direct, with more than 18.000 employees based in the UK, was faced with managing these type of situations. With lots of travel, long days and many organisational responsibilities, effective communication on the go is vital to keep the business running smoothly. Sport Direct has selected Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8 as top of mind better solution for communications on the go.

“Over the past year or so, we’ve been pressed by the need for managers to be more connected on the go. Reducing unnecessary costs was another factor. Moving away from BlackBerry smartphones meant we could give more people because there were no more to pay monthly license fees, or any Increased monthly subscriptions," says Jay Lyford, Sport Direct - IT Manager

Social apps

This goes beyond access to email on the phone. The requirement is a company IT integrated operating system combining the access to the applications without large outlays. It’s not only about the device, “hub applications” had turned essential for big corporations.

Company Hub allows us to push vital apps, company updates and important communications to users’ devices. Quite simply the Nokia Lumia 820, working with the rest of our Microsoft environment, makes communication across the estate simple and delivers a great end-user experience” Lyford comment.

 Office 365 is an opportunity to promote internal engagement. Tesco has relied on Office 365 as quickly that functionality delivers access to experts, information and tools to help employees do their jobs, and it allows people to work together more effectively, regardless of geographic location.

"Office 365 will enable us to be a fully connected Closely Organization that works together, proactively shares knowledge, motivates loyalty and retention of employees, and encourages better working practices to ensure that we create value for customers," said Mike McNamara – Tesco CIO.


Security and integration

Besides connectivity and integration on the move, security is one of the top concerns for the CIO “Security is very important, especially with such a large user base. We didn’t consider iOS or Android as we are not able to manage individual devices as we would like, nor are we able to secure them.” Lyford from Sport Direct, said.

According to a report by security firm F-Secure, The most secure option for businesses is now Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, and with malware and general security lapses perhaps more threatening to businesses than Individuals. Reaffirming this commitment with Corporate Windows Phone 8 customers, Microsoft support the extended lifespan of Windows Phone 8 from 18 to 36 months.

"This extension give to business customers the confidence to invest in Windows Phone today, with the knowledge that their investments are secure, and the platform is evolving to be an even better choice for business," said Tony Mestres, who leads the executive partner and marketing channel for the mobile OS.

Also, thinking about a perfect match between corporate IT infrastructure and Windows Phones, Microsoft will launch in the first half of 2014 an enterprise pack empowering the Company employees’ productivity with a fuller experience.

“There is an opportunity there for Microsoft, both with BYOD (bring your own device) and IT, which is still deploying company-owned devices to employees." said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst with Gartner on Computer World

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Nokia Lumia 925, part of the Windows Phone 8 Family

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Nokia Lumia includes one of the best camera technology ( “Sleek, responsive, and with the best smartphone camera you can buy.” Gizmodo says) and combines with the Business functionalities of Windows Phone 8.