XP migration – time is ticking

8th April 2014 – that’s the date you need to keep in your mind if you are still running the old Windows XP operating system. After that date, support for XP (including security support) will cease – leaving its remaining business users with a real IT headache.

But, migration from Windows XP is not a big ordeal – you just have to think about the business benefits which lie in wait by switching to Windows 7 or Windows 8. Cutting costs and virtualisation are two key benefits of migration – IT departments can be run more efficiently and at lower cost if the business rolls out a newer version of Windows. More topically, Windows 8 even provides great support for flexible working for staff and amazing integration with the cloud. We have a great services deployment page worth looking at where we provide support for deployment challenges.

One company who has just finished a migration of 9,000 users on XP is easyJet. Its CTO, Andy Caddy, has recently spoken to Toby Wolpe of ZDNet about the process and its benefits. Read the article here.