Microsoft giving back to schools via EduConnect

Microsoft recognizes the power of our employees to give back, and Microsoft has tremendously passionate employees about the mission of education. This relates to not only the education of their children but education's impact in their society, on the future of Microsoft as a company, as well as the recognition that we have resources and tools to help provide value to schools. And this goes far beyond cash and in-kind donations, we have employees helping in ways such as donating their time to teach math and sciences in local classrooms, helping teachers with technology training, hosting tech camps for students, and demonstrating a range of tools to help teachers, students, parents prepare their kids for the future.

Microsoft celebrates and collects these initiatives under a program we call Educonnect. Educonnect is really about taking that passion that Microsoft employees have, and linking it to our focus in education. The program started in the United States but has since spread to 43 countries and counting. I think it’s important that companies like Microsoft nurture their responsibility to give back and be responsible leaders. It's this kind of work that helps make our ability to connect with schools much more real and the commitment the company has in education much deeper.

The video below gives a glimpse of how we are trying to make impact.