More fun and learning with Ribbon Hero 2

One of my favorite things that Microsoft has created is Ribbon Hero. This free download and tool provides a game-like environment for students and teachers, and really anyone, to get more comfortable with the features and resources within Microsoft Office…and especially learn how to navigate and leverage the power of the Office Ribbon.

The Office Labs team at Microsoft released version two of the Ribbon Hero and it takes the concept even further by providing a game narrative for the exploration of the tools.  It actually reintroduces one of Microsoft's most renowned innovations from the Office product, Clippy, which was designed to make the Office product more friendly and more easy for people to use.  Ribbon Hero 2 follows Clippy’s travels through time as he explores different time periods and tries to get back home. With each time period, the player gets to explore a new game board with challenges they must complete to get to the next level. Each challenge takes the player into Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote to complete a task and race for a high score with colleagues, classmates and friends.

It's a great tool to demo, to help students and teachers get engaged, be more productive, organized and creative…and how to just use some basic functionality in the Office environment. It's a really great way to explore the power that's in the product, but also to have fun at the same time. See a preview below and download it at