Welcome Heroes.

I'm a very lucky guy...I have the opportunity to talk to heroes all over this country everyday.  Not the comic book inspired, spider-bitten variety mind you, but passionate individuals who work tirelessly to care for and inspire our most precious resource...our students.  Whether it's teachers or faculty, instructional leads, CIOs, developers, supporters or critics...I have the opportunity to connect with some amazing people who are overcoming obstacles, driving innovation and making a real difference in the lives of our future leaders.

I'm also lucky I have a job working for a company that I love and believe in and one that embraces the importance of playing a REAL role in adding value and partnership to the mission of educators worldwide.  I have been with Microsoft for a long while...since I was myself a student actually...and I can truly say that never in our history have we had as many programs, resources and relevant technology solutions for students, teachers, and institutions.  It's largely why I this blog exists.  It's a forum to share information on the many tools we have available to add value and drive impact on using technology to excite, inspire, connect, and enrich the education experience in and out of classrooms.

This forum is also a place to share travel stories.  I spend most of my time visiting schools and universties across our great country.  I'm often asked during these visits "what are other people doing to address this?", "what are some good best practices?", etc.  I'll use this space to celebrate the people who inspire me on my journey and highlight approaches and innovations that may be of value to others. 

My title is General Manager of US Education for Microsoft...but my role is to act as your advocate to help you get more value out of your relationship with Microsoft, our technology and programs...and to provide you with tools and resources that can offer guidance, enhance leadership, and help you help students and teachers realize their potential.

I welcome your feedback on topics you'd like me to address or any questions you may have for how my team and I can assist your institution.  This blog will grow over time and my hope is that it helps me give you a peak inside the curtain a bit on things we're working on, challenges we're seeing across the US and things we're doing to respond.

Thanks for reading hero.