About the Mid Atlantic Microsoft CRM Blog / About Me...

So I have been an Entrepreneur as long as I can remember. My first business was started at the ripe old age of 12. My second one was started at the age of 17. The first business book I ever read was “The E-Myth” In this book, the author basically compares a small business to McDonalds. If you ever tour a McD’s look at all of the manuals they have there… They have documented every portion of their business and “templatized” it.

So you probably ask what this has to do with this blog. This is part of my template. J I am in contact with literally a hundred partners here in the Mid Atlantic Area.

And in scaling to reaching those partners, you hear the same question over and over again. My boss calls what you see here “ Thought Leadership .” I call it survival. For every email a partner doesn't send me, that is another 10-20 minutes of my day back to do something else with. (And I get between 50 and 200 emails a day.)

Your right, it has nothing to do with me being a charming or funny guy, and everything to do with helping as many partners as possible with the least amount of effort.

What you will not find on this blog include things like the wine I drink, my hobbies, my family, or much else personal. If you want to learn about me personally, call me or visit my personal blog, or buy me a beer at one of the conferences we will be at together. You probably won’t also find any of the books I read other than those that are technical or related to sales.

But some of you have asked about me… I am a Solution Specialist for Microsoft CRM for the Mid Atlantic Area. Basically that means I am responsible for the Microsoft CRM sales quota for the area and work in conjunction with our local team of partner account managers. Before Microsoft, I worked for about five years at ePartners, a couple of years at GE Capital Consulting, (Which is also where Chris Regan and Paul Ledbetter did some time.) and before that at a couple of smaller GoldMine consulting firms. My last job before becoming a consultant was as a technical manager for HomePro Systems, the world’s largest home inspection firm. I have been working with CRM systems since they where called Contact Managers.

This blog is though 100% a result of things you have passed along to me, questions you asked, etc… So please keep that flow of questions coming. It may take me a couple of days to respond (or longer) but I will… I promise. J


(Yeah things like Tagging still leaves me a little behind... Heck, I just found RSS Six months ago...J)