Bill Gates on Microsoft Software being offered On Premise or Hosted

"... Everything Microsoft does, over time, will be available either running as a server or you can run it on-premise or it can be hosted.... in a sense has gone with a very expensive sales approach, along with hosting. Most people who do hosting say, okay, it's here and they go with fairly modest sales and marketing investment, and so they are kind of an unusual combination. ... The ideal for the industry is going to be if we have one architecture that (allows) you to shift things back and forth between on-premise and off-premise very easily, because it doesn't take much in terms of these various factors to make you want to switch in one direction or the other.... as we're making the software hostable, we're also saying even when you run it on-premise, if you give me permission and we have the right relationship, I can be examining the health of the thing and helping deal with certain types of issues that come up, even though it's your hardware, it's on-premise...."