CRM Launch - Personalized Sites

Sign Up Your Prospects for the CRM Launch with Your Own Registration Page
Are you concerned about registering your Prospects and Customers for the CRM Launch Event and keeping your leads private and viewable only by your organization? Interested in having your own exclusive registration page for the event? Introducing an easy-to-use process for generating your own personalized registration page! All you need is your Microsoft Partner Program-enabled Passport account information and you are ready to get started! Not sure if you have a Microsoft Partner Program-enabled Passport account? Visit and click the Sign In button to see. Once logged in, you will be able to easily create your exclusive registration page and also have access to marketing templates to help promote your participation in the launch.

To get started simply follow these steps…
1. Log on to with your Microsoft Partner Program-enabled Passport username and password.
2. Under the Event Opportunities section of the left-hand menu, click on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Launch Tour Link on the left hand side of page.
3. Select one or more Launch event and following the simple on-screen instructions.