CRM on a friggin’ iPhone? Heard of it? (Going Mobile, Part 2)

Much as it pains me to say it, there are actually people in this crazy world of ours who prefer the Apple iPhone to Windows Mobile devices.  I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?!  Hard to believe!  Probably all “creative types” and such or maybe they work in K-12 education…I don’t know. Anyway since this device has been released I’ve had one or two people ask about using it for actual business purposes. [sarcasm off]

So while I was at WPC 2009 I ran into Erik Van Hoof, CEO of CWR Mobility, and he was catching me up on all the great stuff they’ve been working on.  Things like making their excellent Windows Mobile CRM client work on a Blackberry and, in an effort to keep these iPhone whackos (note the sarcasm, Apple fanboys!) happily engaged with their CRM systems, the fine people over at CWR Mobility have developed an alpha version of an iPhone client.  So while these things are still under development, they’re coming – along with a lot of other great capabilities for Dynamics CRM.  While you’re waiting you might take a look over here and check out CWR’s blog for Jerry Seinfeld’s take on Blackberries and iPhones.